About Nerdybot

Nerdybot is our concierge - always at the bottom of page!

You can see it in action at the bottom of your screen, it looks like this:

This is what the nerdybot looks like

We've tried to make it capable of handling most of your requests, and added in a bit of our personality.

It has evolved over the years into it's current form on our website. We've trained it to know a lot of things about Nerdy Dragon, web and mobile issues, and how to help connect you to our people.

It's not quite there yet, however it is getting better every day.

If you ever need help, simply type in /help

Try asking it some questions:

You can also tell it what you need:

And, it's learning to do some basic commands:

  • /clear will clear your chat history
  • /help will get you help
  • /mail will sometimes send an email to info@nerdydragon.com
  • Just don't try /delete 

Today, it is the preferred channel for becoming familiar with the Nerdy Dragon team. Helping to get you to what you need in the most simple and effective way.

Sometimes I do not do a good enough job, though you can say that about a lot of things...though, I never stop learning, and am very fast to pickup new things.

Try it out, and let us know how we can make it better.