Dynamic Random Content

By jason on 02/10/2016

The most subtle web design change can mean the difference between a bounce and a conversion.

When designing websites, we look at the forest and the trees: What is the simple, clear message that will influence the visitor? What supplementary techniques can we use to further engage and entice?

One thing we like to do, is display a single element randomly from a set. For example, the tagline on our website, which appears below our logo, is a random selection from a set of taglines.

We've input:

Web Design, Development & SEO
Innovation via Software and Web Infrastructure
The Power of the Web, The Nerd of the Dragon

Each time you load a page, one random tagline from this set will be displayed. Why do this? Well, with Drupal it's easy, and in addition to that, it keeps fresh content on the page.

It gives one more reason for people to come back, and keep a close eye on what you're doing.

We don't just randomize the tagline, we randomize the order of our portfolio items on the homepage, and we randomly choose three blog posts to feature on the homepage.

The more we can capture attention, the more opportunities we have to showcase our brand and persuade visitors to become customers, advocates, or collaborators.

These are just some of the web design techniques we use in conjunction with the most powerful content management system on the planet, to deliver value to businesses on the web.

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