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By ndadmin on 09/28/2018

Peace with Food

Sometimes a business is lucky enough to be found by amazing people.  Peace with Food is one of these.

We partner with people in a number of ways and the Peace with Food mobile app story is a good example.

In June of 2016, Nerdy Dragon was receiving website contact form submissions from Mike Ziray / Z Studio Labs.  We've worked together since 2012 or so, in a number of ways.  Also have developed a great friendship (started on twitter).

Mike is extremely well known/connected  when it comes to mobile apps, and receives contact form submissions on the regs.  At this specific time, he was on a sabbatical, and when Dr. Megan Osborne reached out to him, she was referred to Nerdy Dragon.

Megan had a business in Eagle and wanted to discuss and app (and associated costs) she could use to help her, as well as others.  

Long story short, we have been working together on the app "Peace with Food" and are super proud to announce the launch of the app and the movement of a startup into the growth phase :)

The team behind Peace with Food is world class!  Learn more about them here.

Launching a mobile app venture is no easy feat, however having the right team in place makes all the difference.

After thousands of hours, designing, planning, developing, testing...lots of testing, bugfixing, and all the little things that go along with it - we are proud to be taking on users and new challenges.

Peace with Food App