E-Commerce Web Design And Development Considerations

By jason on 03/04/2016

Web Design is a diverse and intricate topic; it's not as easy as whipping out some visuals and turning them into a website. It can be, but successful web design will focus on the user experience and the representation of a brand.

When dealing with e-commerce web design, the nature of the products/services being offered is a consideration when approaching a site.

A site with lots of products has more web design challenges than a site with just a couple of products. In either case, we'll want to build urgency within our visitor.

Let's assume that the visitor has found us through search (with a proper SEO - Search Engine Optimization campaign, they will). We've jumped the hurdle of finding them, now the challenge is to turn them into a customer.

Here are some things we use to build urgency:

  • Free Shipping
  • Rush Processing
  • Discount
  • Free Support/Setup/Install
  • Free Give-Away (download, merchandise, etc)
  • Gift Certificate for future order

The basic idea is to add value, without negatively effecting margins. We love the rush processing, as this is something that will make an order more appealing, although, it will not necessarily cost extra money. Another one we also like is the gift certificate for a future order.

If we can get one order from them, great, but if we can get multiple, even better. A returning customer reduces costs in sales and marketing efforts, generally. We can justify giving them a discount on future orders, as it will cost less to acquire that order than it did the first time.

Of course, the best chance of getting that future order is to ensure that their experience of making the purchase and using the product/service is optimal. A key part of this influencing the customer to buy now, and come back and buy later, is good web design.

Each project is unique, and the basic concepts are the same. Contact us to discuss your project, and thanks for reading.


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