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By jason on 12/29/2017

As we close out 2017, it's appropriate to spend a bit of time reflecting and recharging for the new year.

2017 was great, in a lot of ways!  And we're planning to make 2018 even better.

We focused on improving our customer service.  On responding faster, more accurately, efficiently, and delivering more value with each engagement we have. On suggesting improvements to clients and meeting internally to discuss how we can serve them better.

We've added new employees, partners, and team members - and continue to look for the best and brightest to work with us.

We've helped a number of clients grow - adding new cities to service areas, adding new partners and customers around the world, delivering technology solutions to help them scale up.

We've built a mass-scale facial recognition solution, have engineered a hardware embedded computer and harness solution to replace an ill-conceived mobile app, and even helped launched a Karaoke Mashup app.  Those are some of the highlights, however there are many more great things that we've been fortunate enough to work with clients on.

We've managed marketing campaigns, built mobile apps, built websites, e-commerce, connected people and solved a number of challenges.

While we're proud of the work done this year, there is a lot more to do and we'll accelerate our pace and do even more, even better.

Learning, growing, connecting - that is what we do.

We had a great time attending superb conferences, including:

  • GDC: Game Developers Conference in San Francisco
  • T&C: Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diego
  • SXSW: South by Southwest in Austin
  • Social Media Marketing World in San Diego
  • Agency Growth Summit in Austin
  • Mirren Live - in New York City
  • Made conference in NYC

We learned a tremendous amount, met a lot of great people, and took on a number of great new projects.

The fire continues to burn, brighter, hotter, and more beautiful than ever - and we're doing our best to set the world on fire with our partners and clients.

We would love to connect again with everyone we've encountered in 2017, and look forward to the opportunities in the days ahead.

Have a Happy New Year! And let's do more, and do better - together!

Fuel for the startup fire