Growing Your Business AND Community

By jason on 01/10/2018

We all put hard work, not to mention our hearts and souls, into the pursuits we care about.  We pursue and persevere with our goals, though, not to say we always go about it the best or most efficient way.

Now at the start of 2018, it’s appropriate to spend some time reflecting and planning ahead.

At Nerdy Dragon, one of our big goals for 2018 is to be more active in our community: to engage, learn, and share.  We’ve spent a tremendous amount of time attending digital marketing seminars, making contacts, reading, studying, practicing, failing and learning, and most importantly growing overall.

We are members at Trailhead - a coworking space and startup hub in Boise.  It’s a product of a public/private venture to improve the community and access to resources for startups.  Trailhead has been a great addition to Boise’s downtown and focuses on promoting growth in the Boise Metro area. 

We are proud to host the first of their first Standup Startup series on January 11th, putting on a world class event titled “Beyond Digital Marketing” with special guest and keynote - John Whiting.

This event will bring Whitings expertise to our colleagues and acquaintances, both old and new. The first night he will give a keynote message on a number of topics regarding digital marketing and how business can build their marketing proficiency to gain an edge in 2018. He’ll be local at Trailhead, but also streamed live on Facebook so that those unable to attend can watch with ease.

Next will be a hands-on workshop where Whiting will give one-on-one advice and instruction to a smaller group of individuals (register here). This will be at the Trailhead North learning center and will include a live Q&A session during the workshop which we know will prove helpful in growing our colleagues businesses.

Both days are focused on helping to improve ROI and creating growth for businesses. Whiting will walk through reverse engineering marketing, positioning your company to make it easy for customers to buy, THINKing through your business and more during his keynote.

We are so excited to be apart of this event and to learn from Whiting’s experience in the digital marketing field, and to also get him on an episode of Decision Pints!

Standup Startup - Trailhead, Community, and Digital Marketing Expertise