Mobile App Development in Boise

By ndadmin on 07/18/2017

Mobile App Developers in Boise are in high demand, and should be - because there are a lot of great mobile app developers here. Some developers focus specifically in iOS, Android, or some Hybrid framework, and some developers work on any and all.  Some still are full-stack developers and work like a swiss-army-knife of programming technologies.

We do a lot of mobile app development, and thus we work with sever great local developers, and also a number located around the globe.  Due to demand, there is a necessity to expand beyond Boise to look for mobile developers.

There is never a better setup than sitting in the same physical space at the same time with people, as you work on a project. Especially in such a nice place as Boise! However, when you have something that you need done, you might have to rely on finding someone remote as a trusted partner to make it happen.

That is us, and is what we do.

Mobile app development requires a lot of parts to come together.  When a client hires a vendor to build a mobile app, they need to get a specification in place fast.  Often times, this is exactly where we start. 

  • Listen and Understand the app
  • Understand the users/personas of the app
  • Understand the value of the app to the user
  • Design a user experience to help the user move from their before to after state
  • Design software to power the app - with a proper Specification, Feature Description, Data Model, API Spec
  • Infrastructure to support the app
  • Project Management to build the app
  • QA Testing to verify the app works according to the spec
  • Analytics and Reporting on the App to learn how to make it better
  • Ongoing improvements and monitoring

Developing a mobile app can require a lot of software.  We have clients that need us to write code in the following languages for a single app:

  • Swift (or Objective C) for iOS apps
  • Java for Android Apps
  • Javascript, HTML, and CSS for web application
  • PHP for a server backend / API
  • SQL for database access
  • and it could be even more 

Within each of the programming languages, there are frameworks and libraries that exist to make the software programming easier and more robust.  It is ideal to leverage these options, keeping in mind that they may not be supported very long...which can really cause problems with your mobile app after it's built.

You need to choose secure, stable, and community backed frameworks and libraries to bring your mobile app development project to a successful outcome.  It is a challenging and rewarding process.

A lot of Boise companies are developing mobile apps - some lucky enough to hire mobile developers right here in Idaho, while others are outsourcing to freelancers, freelance platforms, outsourcing companies, development agencies, or commercial software vendors.  

We are a Boise company with great mobile app developers and would love to be your partner!

Mobile App Development in Boise