SEO Boise - Merchant feeds, like Google Base have powerful SEO benefits

By jason on 08/06/2013

A Comprehensive search engine optimization strategy has some unique features for your specific type of business. If you sell products online, then Merchant feeds, such as Google Base, are a powerful way to get the products you sell in front of likely buyers.

When people search for products, Google will sometimes present product search results in a special widget at the top of the search results section. These product search results contain a photo of the image, and links to the top stores that sell the item, including tax and shipping charges.

Search for "q-see qx628 fingerprint time attendance system", and you'll see the product search results that I'm talking about. (Security Hardware Store is one of our clients, notice their placement in the top 3 product search results as well as prime placement in the organic search results :).

When people are searching for products by their name, it's a very good chance that they're looking to buy it. Merchant feeds help to get businesses in front of those customers. Some merchant feeds require fees to submit your website and products, however Google Base is free.

To get your products in Google Base, you simply signup at, and then submit a file or url to a file in a specific format. That's it.

It's a good idea to work with an SEO Company, such as Nerdy Dragon, to help optimize the feed to give your products prime placement within the search results.

What we do, is make sure that the high value keywords are present in the important areas of the google base product feed, such as the product title, image name, description, custom attributes, and elsewhere.

We'll make sure that the product is placed in the correct categories, and that Google has as much information about you and your products as possible. From tax and shipping charges, to custom attributes, the more and the higher quality the information, the better your placement is.

If you sell products online, and would like some support with taking advantage of merchant feeds to supplement your SEO efforts, then contact us.

We'd love to help you be more successful selling online. It helps us, when we help you, which is a win for both of us.

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