SEO Boise: Trust, Authority, and Conversion

By jason on 02/25/2016

To be an effective and credible Boise SEO Company, you must understand trust and authority as it pertains to SEO.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization is an evolving industry.

Search engines strive to become better at interpreting content as a user, and SEO's strive to become better at communicating content to search engines.

What was previously page rank and meta tags, is now a list of topics and considerations surrounding maximizing the return on SEO investments. A major part of SEO considerations are now Trust and Authority.
For an excellent video, from SEOMoz, see:

Here are some highlights:

  • Make sure that your domain and the domain registrant have a solid reputation, and try to avoid spam and poor techniques.
  • Make sure your domain is registered for a good amount of time.
  • Qualify all links out from your site, and make sure you're linking to very good and useful sites.
  • Qualify, as much as possible, the incoming links to your site.
  • Diversify the links across your site.
  • Get lots of quality links from quality sites, and build authority.
  • Consistently generate links in and out.

The more authority the sites have linking to your site, the more credible your site is; the more authority the sites you link to possess, the more credibility your site has; the more diverse the links are (assuming they're quality links), the more authority your site has.

At its most basic level, search engines need to trust your domain/website, and it must establish a measurement of authority behind it.

These factors are important considerations when conducting SEO campaigns.

For some scientific reading, take a look at:

Of course, these considerations are secondary to conversion. When you find the answer of how you can provide a better user experience, better user interaction, and better relevance to the interest of the user who found you, then you can take advantage of an increase in visitors.

Boise businesses can take pride in the fact that they have many great companies to choose for SEO services, and Nerdy Dragon ranks among the best. Contact us and let's discuss how we can help you.


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