SEO Planning and Website Conversion - a presentation for BANN (Builders Association of Northern Nevada)

By jason on 08/06/2013

We're fortunate to be presenting web design, web development, and SEO - search engine optmization topics to the Builders Association of Northern Nevada.

We offer a free 1.5 hour presentation and workshop to discuss high value web topics to the membership of BANN. We deliver real info, that businesses can do themselves, at little or no cost. These are the same techniques that professional SEO's use, and proven to deliver results.

Getting traffic to the site is important, however converting the visitors into customers is the primary concern. We cover how to do both, and provide real hands-on advise and work. Of course, a lot of businesses recognize the value, and choose to hire us to do the SEO and Web Design work for them.

We've drafted a presentation, and in the interests of streamlining communications and sharing good information, the slides for the presentation are embedded below.

The presentation took place on 2/23 at 8am PST. Looking forward to your feedback.

Thank you.

seo planning and website conversion