Web Design - collaboration with Boise based Yellow Box

By jason on 08/06/2013

We've recently launched www.HighCalGunAuctions.com and are proud of the features and capabilities of the site, in addition to it's design and our collaborative efforts on it.

We worked with Yellow Box Studio, and they put together an excellent design for the homepage, user portal, and general theme for the website. In Boise, Yellow Box is one of the top web design companies, and we're proud to have worked with them.

Coordinating a site on the scale of HighCalGunAuctions.com is quite a challenge. There were so many features to implement, and pages to design, that we decided to work with Yellow Box on the concepts, and then we'd apply their theme to the other aspects of the site.

When you're collaborating with designers, programmers, copywriters, site administrators, database admins, and others; coordination is key for efficiency. We're thrilled with the project as it stands today, and are eager to implement additional enhancements and customizations.

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