The Best Website Projects Involve Vision, Technology, and Relationships

By jason on 02/19/2016

In December, we received a referral from a local Drupal developer. They didn't have time to implement a website that was prepared and asked us if we could.

We were pretty busy, but since the website concept had been defined very well, and the group behind the website was impressive, we agreed to take it on.

What followed exceeded our expectations and has the feel of being involved in something special. The website is: and the Create Common Good (CCG) team is an exceptional team, with some of the brightest, kindest, most dynamic people in Boise.

Each thing we learn about the organization further impresses and provides solid, real-life examples of good people doing good things. They are innovative, professional, entrepreneurial, and possess a plethora of other good qualities. If you could draw up the people you'd like to involve yourself with, this would be a group that is ranked at the top of the list.

Working with a team as talented and with as good of character as CCG, it motivates you to do your learn, grow, and approach the tasks at hand with the highest level of quality, integrity and focus possible.

Their website was designed by the talented Elissa Davis: and developed in Drupal. The site collects donations, and allows the purchase of farm shares via Paypal.

The site is setup so that the Blog, Events, News, Team Members, Partners, and Image Gallery Images are easily added and updated. Special care has been taken to ensure that non-technical people can easily update the website, with minimal supported needed from web developers.

The site is integrated with Facebook, and setup to issue Badges to reward people for their support. If you make a donation, purchase a farm share, contribute content, or share the site, you'll receive a badge for your support. These badges are posted to your Facebook wall, which further promote the program and recognize your support.

The programs offered by CCG are remarkable. We could write about them for a days, and will definitely be writing about them again soon.

We are proud to work with Create Common Good; they have a compelling mission, an innovative approach, and are compromised of the highest caliber of people. Thank you CCG, for the opportunity to support your mission.


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