Facebook Development - integrating social experiences on the web and mobile devices

By jason on 08/06/2017

Facebook application development isn't difficult. Sure, there's a learning curve, familiarity, and a comfort level - however the application of social technologies is a greater conceptual challenge than a technological one.

We've built several sites that integrate facebook, with varying degrees of success.

    Facebook Connect

  • Allow users to login to your website / mobile app using their facebook credentials - easy, nice, has some draw-backs
  • Facebook widgets

  • Like box, Like button, Stream, Faces - easy, pre-built widges available from facebook - very nice
  • Graph API

  • Integrate your website or mobile app with the open graph - unlock an immense wealth of capabilities for providing your visitors/users an optimized social experience, customized for them
  • FQL

  • Facebook Query Language - Access facebook data like a database, find out all sorts of things - this is true power
  • Share

  • Sharing is powerful - get your brand in front of a lot of people, and have an opportunity to engage
  • From these, you can build great applications. We recently added several features to the www.createcommongood.org website. Facebook connect allows people to sign-in using their facebook account, from there, badges are issued to reward user behaviors. When a donation is made - a badge is offered to the user, which will post to their wall with a simple click.

    People can be recognized for the good they do, and encourage others to get involved.

    Badges are just one piece. To build engagement and awareness, it takes a strategy based around the business and the nature of the relationship with the users. Some instances, game mechanics (points, levels, badges) are a great way to go; and in other cases - a simple facebook stream will do.

    We love to brainstorm, conceptualize, and collaborate on the integration of social strategies. Whether it's creative support or production programming contact us to discuss.

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