Boise SEO - The nerd of the link - destination, anchor text, title, and business justification

By jason on 08/06/2013

First Question: "Are you marketing, or are you just promoting?"

Marketing requires research, analysis, innovation, and understanding behind the decisions and actions you make when promoting.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is often simply used as a promotion exercise; this is the case when proper attention isn't paid to keyword selection.

Marketing question: "How do I get more customers on the web?"

Promotion question: "How do I get more traffic to my website?"

Make sure you've thought about how the keywords you select help answer your marketing question. Contact us if you'd like help.

There aren't many secrets with regard to SEO - (if you think there are, then leave a comment below and let's discuss). It's a well known fact that links are a key differentiator in SEO. You need links on your site, to your site, and not just any links, well constructed links to good places.

What is a link? Simply, a link is html code - the "anchor" tag. It looks like this:
Anchor Text

Theres some interesting points:
1- some-location.html should be a good web page, relevant to your keywords, and have a good page rank
2- title, some-location, and the Anchor Text should include your keywords
3- have other relevant sites link to you, with the search engine optimized html construction for the link
4- use the keywords in links, and in other markup, such as the heading tags (h1-h6), em, strong, b, meta description, title, img, in a select list, ul or li, and make sure you diversify from page to page

Here's a good write up, about how links are not all equal. It has a good mention of the origins of the page rank algorithm, and other good points.

If the site you're putting a link on, then the html is in your control. If not, then just be sure to think about your keywords when you're making your links on twitter, facebook , or any other site where you're creating a link.

You can put links on your website, social networking sites, social bookmark entries, comments on some websites, message boards, article submission sites, web directories, and in other locations. Be sure that you're selecting good destinations to create links to your website, as there are some places out there that will harm your SEO profile and even have your site blacklisted.

We can automate the construction of high value links across a large site, as we recently did at, boosting their traffic by more than 10% in one month.

This link building process should be sustained, as part of a comprehensive web strategy. There are many good things about having good SEO.

If you've successfully promoted your site with quality SEO efforts, have you also invested in the conversion of the visitor into a customer?

Let's talk, there's a good opportunity to collaborate.

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