SEO Boise - Part 2 - Locals are searching for what you do, why aren't you where they're looking?

By jason on 08/06/2013

SEO, as in "Search Engine Optimization", is part science and part art.

The science is found in the on-page optimization, keyword research, and the link building. The art involves putting together comprehensive strategies to find high conversion traffic and facilitate their becoming a customer.

Effective general methods are well known, and covered in Boise SEO - Part 1. In this installment, we'll cover some of the art aspects related to search engine optimization.

First, what kind of customers are you looking for? If you're a local service business that repairs appliances, then being on the map is of high value. What is the map, you say? Well, it's actually Google Places, although it's commonly referred to as Google Maps and Google Local.

Google isn't the only place with map search results, Yahoo and Bing have their own.

People are replacing their yellow page business searches with the web, and the map is the high value target now. It provides instant credibility with potential customers, and is a free way to promote your business.

Research shows, that it's best to be found in some specific search areas:
1 - The Map
2 - Organic Results
3 - Sponsored links
4 - Product results

When you're found in most/all of these locations, people are much more likely to do business with you when they find you. One problem is, that the Sponsored links can be an expensive endeavor. We recommend finding your highest value location, focusing effort on succeeding in that space, and gradually grow the SEO value in the other locations.

Spending some time optimizing your local submission will have a lasting impact. To achieve the best results, think about your keywords, use them in the title, description, custom attributes, and reviews. And, of course, encourage your customers to submit reviews of their own.

A comprehensive SEO plan incorporates many aspects of search engine optimization incorporates a variety of promotion techniques. From submissions to local and directory sites, to quality content development (SEO friendly copywriting, copyediting), to link building, and beyond.

At Nerdy Dragon, we can help you place competitively on the map as well as in all SEO areas. Contact us to get started now.

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