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By jason on 08/05/2013

jon: ok looking at the git stuff
me: gonna git this git going
jon: we'll git er done
me: git yeah

Not a bad evening conversation. Truth is, Jon and I are working on a pretty sweet project that just so happens to have been cultivated by an introduction made via the Boise Young Professionals organization, as well as a $40 million dollar startup failure (which also included a failed Haiti Mission/Kidnapping/Prison/NBC Universal/HP/the mysterious JM, Mel Gibson movie investor waiting on a transaction to close so we can make payroll venture).

True Story.

jon: do I have a login for git hub website?
me: maybe not
jon: ok
me: then let me know your username
jon: ok
Sent at 10:54 PM on Thursday
jon: [censored]
Sent at 10:55 PM on Thursday
me: bada-bing
next time, let me choose your username

me: just kidding, [censored] is good
jon: can only image the name I would have gotten

Who doesn't love version control, community, collaboration, building, and enjoying...with some interesting twists?

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