Drupal provides a variety of ways to solve common web challenges

By jason on 08/06/2013

Web designers, developers, copywriters, editors, small business owners, entrepreneurs, students, and professionals who are responsible for developing, organizing, and publishing content on the web love drupal.

A lot of people do, because it's powerful, available for free, has over 7000 modules available to enhance and customize it to most of the work required for an enormous number of web ventures.

It's not a system that handles everything for you.

It's a system that provides you and your web engineers a powerful and flexible toolkit to build applications from.

Perfect for start-ups, as it delivers huge value with little cost. You can go far without writing a bit of code, however when you realize that you need some code written...you can handle it yourself, or there's a variety of drupal support resources out there.

For one example:
You can build your breadcrumb automatically from your navigation menu, or you can use another menu.

Don't want your breadcrumb to be built from a menu, but from a taxonomy vocabulary? You can get a module for that.

Want it to be from a menu on some pages, and taxonomy on others? Yep. Contact us to discuss that one; or any other Drupal topics.

What's a breadcrumb? Here's a good explanation.

There is no comparison between Drupal and any other open source content management system.
Not Wordpress. Not Joomla. Not DotNetNuke, or Plone, or the long list of others.

It's not just because of the technology, the community is a big deal too.