Epic, commerce configuration extraordinaire - showcasing the power of Drupal Commerce

By jason on 08/05/2013

Some e-commerce challenges are more involved than others. Anyone can plug some products into a pre-built shopping cart, although tailoring a cart to your needs is a much more involved proposition.

Shipping, product attributes, configuration rules, constraints, inventory..the list goes on and on.

While working on solving an intricate ordering challenge for a specific industry, we've come across an excellent write-up involving drupal commerce: http://drupal.org/node/1338172
In it, one of the top commerce developers in the world, rszrama, captures the moment with a comment: "Epic". I agree.

Very few systems deliver the power and flexibility to completely tailor a commerce solution to your needs, however, Drupal + Drupal Commerce + Rules + Custom code & Ingenuity together are a big deal.

And what's more, is that the community behind Drupal is strong enough, that you can find people with similar challenges, how they've solved it, and shared for everyone.

Thanks Drupal & the Drupal community.

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