How to Email Market like a Pro

By eric on 04/20/2016

Knowing how and when to appeal to the people on your email list is vital to keeping them coming back to your brand. Start with assembling a sales funnel, which begin with AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, and finally Action. Apply these steps to a funnel model with Attention being the widest and Action being the most narrow. You’ll want to attract as much attention as you can and act towards the people that show interest in the advertisement. Understanding that not every prospective customer will become a regular buyer is important; you can’t convert everyone into advocates for your product and that’s okay. Recognize why people want your product or service so you know how best to sell it to future customers.



Grabbing the attention of the customer is the first order of business. Using email headers that catch the eye will make them want to open it up and see what the fuss is all about. If you’re selling fishing poles and other fishing equipment, you might use a title like “Pros Agree: This is the Best Pole of the Season.” You’re giving the reader just enough information to know what will be in the email, but also the incentive to see what pole is causing such a ruckus within the fishing community.



Now that you have successfully caught their attention, you have to keep up their interest in your brand. This can be difficult because it requires a certain amount of willingness from the potential customer to understand what you and your company are about. If you present them with material that they find interesting and engaging, though, you’ll be able to hold their attention and they’ll begin to grow closer toward a purchase.



The next step is to make them understand how what you’re offering is necessary for them to purchase. In order to keep the prospective customer’s desire for the product, you’ll be appealing to their pathos. Pathos is relating to them through the things they enjoy as well as what they find important. This step will focus on showcasing the additional features the types of products they already enjoy.



If the interested party has been convinced that what you’re selling is worth their money, they’ll finally make a purchase. There are a number of follow-up steps that you can do to help ensure that this new customer will become an advocate for your company and continue to give their support for the foreseeable future. By sending them exclusive offers as a regular customers they will reap the benefits of frequenting your service or buying your products.


Converting someone who is simply interested in what you’re selling takes time and patience, but is well worth the effort. You’ll have a loyal customer-base willing defend and promote your business because you were able to convince them that you were selling an outstanding product.

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