How to Use Remarketing to keep Website Visitors Coming Back

By eric on 06/10/2016

Getting people to visit your website is one thing; getting them to buy from it is another. Thankfully Google has developed an easier way of keeping people interested in what you’re selling through the power of remarketing.

Remarketing is advertising to users that have previously viewed the website, but didn’t make a purchase. The goal is to make someone that had an interest in the website’s product return for a similar product again. Google is the biggest company to employ this method thanks to its huge user base and established advertising network, aptly titled the Google Display Network. In conjunction with its  AdWords program, Google has given you the best chance to succeed within its ecosystem. Harnessing the power of this program starts with adding in a bit of code.

Google provides a few lines of code called the remarketing tag that needs to be added to your website or mobile app (or both!). This will allow Google to keep track of who visits specific pages on your website. The next step is to choose what pages should be tracked so you can determine what the next marketing move should be. One example would be to keep tabs on who is visiting the most popular products on the site the individual users that go to those pages with be added to the list.

From the data that was gathered from the lists, you can decide how to design an ad campaign that will appeal to your previous visitors. Through Google AdWords, you can make it so ads appear to the users from the list when they search for terms that pertain to the product they previously viewed. In addition to appearing in the Google search engine, display ads can also appear for them on any of Google’s other services and on sites within the Google Display Network, a collection of websites that allow Google to show targeted ads on their pages.

Now that the ads have been released, it’s time to decide when and where they should appear. The smart plan of action would be to immediately begin targeting ads to the users that have just left the site. Getting users to come back when they are most likely to buy is key; when they are on the search for the product they want, that’s when they’re most engaged and prone to be swayed by the advertisements. Remarketing with Google gives businesses the tools to do just that.

Businesses have access to an array of advertising options through Google AdWords that help them remarket just the way you need to. You can show appropriate ads to your site visitors just when they’re searching for similar terms or simply when they go to another website within the Display Network. If one user only visited the mobile website, the business can target ads towards them that appear on other mobile sites, ensuring that if mobile is their browsing device of choice, they will see your brand again.

Remarketing has become a standard approach for companies to entice more people to come back and finish the purchase they didn

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