Making Quality Content for Your Audience

By eric on 04/27/2016

We’ve all heard it: “content is key.” But what does it take to make good content? Here are some things to consider while delving into the world of content marketing.

Presentation, Organization, and Length

First off, content can take many forms like blog posts, graphics, or videos, so determine what will work best for your business and what your audience engages with and work from there.

The internet has changed how content is consumed, trading in long, thought-provoking articles for short and to-the-point lists of information. Huge blocks of text will appear daunting to your potential readers, so be careful to split up your info into smaller chunks.

Skimmability has become a deciding factor for whether someone will take the time to read an article or not. They need to know what kind of content they’re going to be consuming by just the title alone.

A title like “7 Proven Ways to Improve Your Golf Game” is one example of how to catch someone’s attention. They instantly know how the content will be organized and about how long it will be. Using strong adjectives to elicit an emotional response doesn’t hurt either!

As previously mentioned, try to keep your article short and sweet, which is one of the benefits of the list format. There’s only so much you can say about a point before moving on to the next one.


Entertainment Value

Now that you have their attention, it’s time to keep them entertained. You’re still presenting them with informative content, like the previously mentioned golf tips, but you have to find a way to make it engaging enough for them to keep reading. Graphics and other visuals are great for getting your readers engaged in your content. Many written reviews these days are accompanied by a more concise video version.

Videos work very well since the content is presented directly to the audience, no reading required. Adding a bit of flair to the presentation really can make a big difference for how people respond to what you’re presenting to them. Old Spice commercials have embraced this in full force: their end goal is to sell body hygiene products, but they do it the most over-the-top bizarre way possible.


Know Your Audience

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by assuming that all audiences are the same. Figure out what demographic enjoys your product and try to appeal to them first. There’s nothing more cringe-worthy than watching companies try to look hip and in-the-know to a demographic that their products clearly don’t apply to.

One bit of advice for future-proofing your content would be to engage in viral trends sparingly. You’ll see large companies jump on a collective bandwagon to capitalize on a recent trend, but the publicity usually doesn’t last more than a few days. The Harlem Shake and ALS Ice Bucket Challenge are just two examples where everyone wanted a piece of the action that ultimately didn’t last.

Content certainly is key, as these tips and examples show. Your audience deserves your best effort, so don’t just shove a collection of words or a half-baked production in order to try to appeal to what they want. Ultimately you are representing your own business through this, so put forth your best effort for yourself and your customers.

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