SEO Boise - Facebook Shares are the most powerful social signal in SEO

By jason on 08/06/2013 is great. They are scientists that research, analyze, and share their findings. They also develop great software for SEO. Most Boise SEO's keep tabs on SEO Moz, and some even tweet every article that get's posted there.

Most SEO's keep tabs on what is gong on at SEO Moz. Recently, a post was made on social signals used in search placement.

What is interesting, is that the facebook share, is the strongest correlated social signal in search placement.

Does your site have an easy way to be shared on facebook? If not, why not?

SEO is a bit like the wild west, the rules are changing all the time...and Google...well, they're the sheriff. Right now, the sheriff likes facebook shares.

It's a real challenge keeping up on SEO, things move fast. That's why it's good to have a partner. Contact us to discuss more.

Thank you.

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