Web Design for Content Rich Sites - Boise companies with lots of content need a different breed of web designer

By jason on 08/06/2013

"To each their own" - I read that this came from a 1946 movie and song...In any case, it's relevant.

Web Design has many contexts, and in this case, we're talking about web design around lots of content. Media sites, news sites, social sites, places where things change fast, content is regularly added, and a large database grows to contain lots of valuable content.

We're working with a company that has accumulated an enormous trove of expert information across a specific field, and now they're angling their business to deliver better value for their customers and better revenue opportunities for themselves.

The business opportunities and domain knowledge are what our client brings, and a system to manage that content and deliver value to their customers is our role. We're a facilitator and provide the infrastructure they need to run their business.

One key element of this, is Web Design. In this case, there's an added layer of complexity. Users are continually adding content - text, images, and video's. The amount of content and the sizes of it vary greatly from post-to-post and page-to-page. Thus, we've got to engineer an intelligent and flexible web design to ensure that the user experience is optimal.

Navigation, Categorization/Classification, Dynamic Blocks, Imagery, Text - if it's going to be continually added, you're going to need to be able to tweak it easily and make enhancements as you go.

Here at Nerdy Dragon, we are fortunate to encounter challenges like this with regularity. Whether it's a challenging web design issue or a programming one, we'll confront it head on and innovate or implement proven solutions.

If there's a lot of content, we'll frequently turn to Drupal. It's a web designer and programmer friendly content management system with enterprise stability and features, available for free.
Drupal makes it easy to get content into the site, and manage it's display to the user in a variety of ways. Simplicity is a users best friend, and Drupal is conducive to user friendly systems.

It's theme system is powerful and simple to use. In addition, the ability to dynamically display all of the information you put into your website is unmatched in content management systems with a cost of $50,000 or less.

Whether you're in Boise or somewhere else, we'd love to discuss web design, software development, seo, and web hosting opportunities. Contact Us!

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